CCM 40K Ribcor (Refurbished)


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The CCM RIBCOR’s unique ribbed shaft technology features carbon fibers that are permanently in tension to help increase power transfer from your hands directly to the puck. This stick by CCM claims amazing durability with unsurpassed energy transfer.  It comes with a new blade construction for an optimized stiffness profile and a shaft with a high power taper radio where all player effort goes into fully loading the stick.  Note: Although we have found the CCM Ribcor to be the most popular at the higher levels, many of the sticks do not have the unique ribbed feature

If you're looking to play with one of the best sticks in the world today but don't want to spend the money, consider buying this product. We collect broken sticks (that are otherwise in great condition) and fuse them back together in a way that minimizes impact on flex, weight, stiffness, and of course appearance. It will far outperform any other $70 hockey stick on the market, you won't even be able to tell the difference!

*Please specify in the notes section the player's or stick height and any specific requests (e.g, grip). 

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