CCM Ribcor Trigger - (Refurbished)


CCM claims that the Trigger gives you the quickest release on the market!  New technology allows CCM to produce a product that loads and snaps quicker than anything else you will find. More efficient energy transfer leads to overall puck speed coming off your stick, what we all desire! The Trigger uses Technora shaft construction, which is an aramid fiber similar to Kevlar. However, Technora is able to bend better than Kevlar, which allows the stick to maintain its structure and performance in addition to its increased durability. This technology is what CCM refers to as the ASY-1 flex profile.  

If you're looking to play with one of the best sticks in the world today but don't want to spend the money, consider buying this product. It will far outperform any other $70 hockey stick on the market, you won't even be able to tell the difference! Too good to be true? Try it! Not only will you be one of the thousands who come back for another but you're likely to tell your friends and teammates about us as well.

Please Read:

  • Most come in grip, but please specify any requests like the height and finish required in order notes (Eg. grip/taller)
  • This product is refurbished and we guarantee the repair for 35 days. 

Category: CCM, Refurbished

Type: Refurbished

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