CCM RBZ Stage 2 - Intermediate


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Don't settle for fast when you can be Freakishly Fast with the RBZ™ Stage 2 stick from CCM.This is a product of a CCM Hockey and TaylorMade® Golf partnership that has flourished at the pro level! They have enhanced the technology that made the original RBZ™ stick so great. The RBZ™ Stage 2 stick features what CCM likes to refer to as Power Swing Technology. This has a direct correlation to what golfers refer to as swing speed and basically means optimal weight distribution in order to give you a balanced stick with a smooth and fast swing motion. Just like the original RBZ™, the Stage 2 has a constant flex profile in the shaft which gives you a Custom Kick Point that is determined by the placement of your lower hand. Typically, the kick point of a stick is predetermined by its construction for a specific type of release. The RBZ™ Stage 2, however, adapts to your playing style.


We ranked the Stage 2 among the top 2 sticks on the planet in 2015. Now you can get it for less money simply because we get better deals on Stage 2s from the teams because they are older models. 

Please note: 

  • All sticks come in grip unless otherwise specified 
  • Pro stock sticks do not come with a manufacturers warranty

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