CCM RBZ Speedburner (Refurbished)



The RBZ™ SpeedBurner is the newest top of the line RBZ stick by CCM. With the help of TaylorMade® Golf this stick features what they are calling an "Extremely Low Swing Weight". A similar concept to what golfers refer to as swing speed, which basically means optimal weight distribution in order to give you a balanced stick with a smooth and fast swing motion. Just like its predecessors, the SpeedBurner has a constant flex profile in the shaft which gives you a Custom Kick Point that is determined by the placement of your lower hand.

If you're looking for a top of the line stick but don't want to spend money, this product is for you! These sticks have been repaired in a way that minimizes impact on flex, weight, stiffness, and of course, appearance. It will far outperform any other $70 hockey stick on the market, you won't even be able to tell the difference!

Too good to be true? Try it and discover why thousands of customers not only come back but often refer HockeyStickMan to friends and teammates. 

We offer a 35 day guarantee on the repair and will stand behind our work should you ever have any issues!

Note: Please put the players height and requested finish (Grip/Non-Grip) in the notes section when you place your order.  

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