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Bladetech Mirrored Stainless Steel For All Skate Models

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*All blades are sold as a pair*

At HockeyStickMan we deal with a lot of pro teams as a means to get sticks and gear to sell to our valued customers. As we interact with these pro teams we kept seeing Bladetech Hockey pop up in conversation and amongst the gear we buy. After some testing and research it was clear that we needed to start carrying this steel for our customers. Offering an innovative new look on skate blades these are HSM approved and available now at a great price. 

How to find the right size 

Pictured above is where you can find the size of steel that will fit in your skate holder based on the number printed on the holder. On both skates there is a 3 digit number on the outside side of the white holder on the bottom of your skate. This number will coincide with one of the options above and that is guaranteed to fit your skate.

Bauer and CCM steel will fit differently so it is important to choose Edge steel or XS steel based on the brand of skate you own. It is important to note that if you own a pro stock pair of skates the holder may not be the same brand as the skate. For example we see many CCM skates with Bauer Lightspeed Edge holders. If this is the case for you, order the steel that is the same brand as your holder and not the boot. 

Lightspeed Edge = Bauer steel

Speedblade XS = CCM steel

Vertexx = Bauer goalie steel.

Bladetech Hockey focuses on innovation and quality. They are the first company to introduce "flexible" hockey blades that help increase performance with added health benefits. 

This patented technology is known as the "Flex Force Advantage". The unique blade design allows the front portion of the blade to flex into the holder and store that energy, releasing it when you extend your stride back, giving you a 5% increase in speed. 

Bladetech Hockey replacement blades will help you play longer by absorbing large impact forces with this technology as the blades flex into the holder, saving your ankle, knee and hip joints. 

Bladetech Hockey replacement blades are made from the highest quality steel available, extending the time between sharpens by almost double.

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