Let's take a dive into what it would be like for the NHL Slap Shot king of today (Shea Weber) to try one with an olden wooden twig, curved in hot water by the HockeyStickMan himself:


Hey, I love Bobby Hull, we used to keep his cows on our farm, he is a tank no doubt about it, but I don't know about 118MPH. Either way this was fun. 

Joey Walsh
Joey Walsh


I have worked with Hockey Canada, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and Brock University. But now I'm all about hockey sticks. A passion and love for sticks as a child has blossomed into a full on obsession as an adult (if you can call me that).

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Joey Walsh
Joey Walsh

October 25, 2018

Hi Scott – The old Modano pattern is still being used today at the lie of 5. It is considered our Blade Type 3, and you can search our site for a whole list of them by going to the stick selector and choosing Blade 3. This will give you all the products that contain that curve on our site:


Scott Wallenberg
Scott Wallenberg

October 19, 2018

I am desperately trying to match my old favorite stick curve in Lie 5 It started out in the two piece world as Easton RB III then morphed to Modano II over the years the names have changed. The last match I had was Easton S19 Heatley. The Super Tacks Hossa from a few years ago was very close but that is gone. P88 seems close but those are Lie 6 or 5.5 from Base. P92 is too open for me but available in Lie 5 which I like. Help!. Thank you for reply.

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