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What Stick Will Connor Bedard Be Using in His NHL Debut?

What Stick Will Connor Bedard Be Using in His NHL Debut?

There were two big questions surrounding Connor Bedard's entrance into the National Hockey League - Who was going to win the draft lottery to select him first overall, and what stick will he use?

Now that the first question has been answered, all eyes are on the second question. Using Bauer almost exclusively in the CHL and internationally with Team Canada, it would have been a pretty safe bet that he'd be the next face of Bauer in the NHL. This was the case until he was spotted in May practicing with a Sherwood Code TMP Pro.

On the day before the NHL Entry Draft, Bedard threw us all for a loop when he was spotted using the unreleased CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro, along with CCM gloves. On that same day, Lululemon announced on their social channels that Bedard was joining their brand, where he appeared in promo images wearing Sherwood gloves and that same Code TMP Pro stick.

The next day after his name was called 1st overall, Bedard appeared in his post-draft photos again wearing Sherwood gloves, but this time holding the unreleased Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro. At Blackhawks development camp, Bedard was once again seen using Sherwood. 

It now seems that all signs point to Bedard signing with the Sherwood family, joining the Panthers' Matthew Tkachuk and the Leafs' William Nylander. We're still waiting for this to become official, but it looks like Connor Bedard will be the next superstar using Sherwood sticks.

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