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New Sticks To Be Released In 2022

New Sticks To Be Released In 2022

It’s an exciting time of the year when new gear updates get released from the top companies in the game.  With all eyes on the NHL for the Playoffs, select players are debuting unreleased sticks coming out later in 2022.

Recently we have seen some new releases from True like theCatalyst PX but there is more to come, as well as new Bauer, Warrior and CCM to look forward to. Read below to find out what stick will be top of your wishlist this year?


CCM is staying true to what they do best and releasing an FT5 Pro to add to their beloved hybrid kick Jetspeed series.  They've been pushing the pace on new releases lately - it seems like just yesterday the FT2 was the top end Jetspeed twig.  This stick has already been seen in a few NHL players hands (notably Roman Josi) and you can bet on CCM posterboy Auston Mathews giving it a try soon.  Maybe this will be the year CCM opens up the custom graphic options to more than just Papi?  The candycane style graphic has received mixed reviews so far, but we shall see how it looks at official release.  The other big CCM rumour we've heard is that the Trigger 7(!) Pro will come with stock purple graphics, a big departure from the green we've gotten used to.

Expected Release: Late June




Set to come out at the end of July, Bauer is making an addition to their hybrid kick point line, adding a new Nexus stick rumoured to be called the "Sync". Nexus sticks are very popular among pros as well as minor hockey players for their versatility, and we’re willing to bet this next one will be a hit as well.  It remains to be seen whether these sticks will stick with the Ergo Spine utilized on the most recent Nexus release, the Geo.

Along with the Nexus, Bauer is set to release a stick under a new line called the AG5NT in October of 2022 with very little information to be found on it yet, though it is thought to be a successor to the ever-popular BGP2B Vapor ADV stick. We all know Bauer loves to innovate and stay creative i.e. the ADV and Sling stick, so stay tuned for more information on the AG5NT to see what Bauer has come up with this time.

Expected Nexus Release: Late July
Expected AG5NT Release: October


True is also a company that continues to surprise the hockey world and come up with new designs that keep their sticks in the hands of players like Mitch Marner and Tyler Bertuzzi. We have already seen the release of the Catalyst PX advertised as True’s Lightest Mid Kick stick to date (a few have already been added to our inventory), but there is more to come from this company with an all new line called HZRDUS which is sure to be highly anticipated. Set to release this summer, you can expect to see players using it in training camps and hopefully get your hands on one for next season from HSM not long after.

Expected Catalyst PX Release: Available Now!
Expected HZRDUS Release: mid-July


Last on the list is the new release from the tried and true line of Warrior Covert sticks. With an all new Covert coming out mid July, Warrior fans all over are ramping up the excitement and can't wait to get their hands on this low-kick twig. We often see Warrior lovers sticking to their brand and not branching out to try new Bauer or CCM too often so if you fall under that category be sure to stay tuned and get your hands on the all new Covert stick to up your game next season.

Expected Release: mid-July

The HockeyStickMan is all about saving you money on top of the line sticks, so we get really excited when new gear announcements come out so we can offer them to you. Stay tuned for these twigs to be added to our site next year once players start getting their hands on them, and buy them for yourself for the best price on the web.

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