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Logan Thompson Stick Spec Check

Logan Thompson Stick Spec Check

What stick does Logan Thompson use?

Despite some late-season heroics from Logan Thompson, the Vegas Golden Knights found themselves on the outside looking in on the playoffs this year for the first time in franchise history. Just 3 years ago, Thompson was plying his trade in Canadian university hockey, making him the first former U Sports goaltender to start an NHL game since 1990.

Thompson's pathway to the show isn't the only thing unique about him as a goalie; he also uses full-right equipment, one of only 5 right-shot tendies to play at least 5 NHL games this season. Beyond the handedness, Thompson's 25" paddle and P31 curve are pretty standard. Thompson does opt for a 3S Pro build with the Hyperlite graphic, something we see fairly often from goalies who who prefer a traditional spine to the exposed ERGO spine used on recent top-end Supreme goalie sticks.

@BrockUniversity also just happens to be where the HockeyStickMan himself spent his university days (along with a large chunk of our staff)! It's always great to see a fellow Badger making a name for themselves in the hockey world.

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