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How to Fit Shoulder Pads

How to Fit Shoulder Pads

Hockey shoulder pads cover a lot of important parts of a player's body, not just the shoulders. They take care of the chest, back, and upper arms as well, so it’s important to make sure to get the best fit possible to maximize your protection.

The Fit

Similar to an everyday item like a jacket, your shoulder should fit squarely under the caps of the shoulder pads, allowing you to move quite freely while the pads stay relatively in place.  

The best fit for your shoulder pads can also depend on the fit of your elbow pads and pants. You’ll ideally want the bicep pads on the shoulder pads to line up with the top of the elbow pad for maximum protection without overlapping. Some models of shoulder pads come equipped with adjustable biceps, allowing you to really tailor the fit for you.

The same will be true for the torso section meeting the tongue and tailbone pad of your pants, where the torso should come down to your belly button.

With almost all pieces of equipment, personal preference is a huge factor in finding the right fit. While some players may prefer a snugger, tighter fitting shoulder pad, others may opt for a more relaxed fit.

If you’re looking for that fit with a little bit more mobility, consider the Bauer Vapor or CCM Jetspeed lines, and if you prefer a bulkier fit with maximum coverage, then the Bauer Supreme or CCM Tacks line might fit your needs better.

If you’re looking for a new set of shoulder pads, check out our full selection here, or come on by to the Toronto Showroom or Belleville Warehouse if you’re nearby.



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