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Everything we know so far about the Bauer AG5NT hockey stick

NHL teams are ramping up for preseason, which makes it one of our favourite times of the year at HockeyStickMan.  Not only is regular season hockey just a few weeks away, there is no better time to spot new release twigs on display in the hands of the NHL's biggest stars.

This year, one of the most talked-about twigs hitting the market will be the Bauer AG5NT.  Bauer has been pretty tight-lipped about the features of the new stick so far, but that hasn't stopped the hype from building around their latest release.

Slated for a fall release ahead of the Holiday season, the AG5NT's black & neon green colour scheme is reminicent of the Bauer Vapor ADV stick that continues to be an extremely popular build among pros, even despite it only ever receiving a limited retail release.  From what we've gathered about the AG5NT, it will be something of a successor to the BGP2B Vapor ADV construction: low kick with a standard-resetting weight.

Rumour has it that the AG5NT will be coming in at a jawdropping 335g, 10 grams lighter than the True HZRDUS which currently reigns as lightest stick on the market.  A stick that light brings with it obvious concerns about durability, but Bauer is suggesting it will be twice as strong as a regular stick, perhaps due to the integration of boron into the construction.  After all, boron & carbon are key ingredients in protective armour for many tanks... I wonder if a well placed clapper from Zdeno Chara could shatter tank armour like it has done to so many sticks over the years?

New Montreal Canadiens captain Nick Suzuki was spotted here using the new AG5NT graphic in this shot from Sportsnet during the NHL Player Media tour.  Though it is difficuly to tell if that is actually AG5NT constuction (AG5NTs will have the XE Taper similar to the Vapor Flylite or Hyperlite), the fact that Bauer is starting to put these twigs into the hands of their top young stars like Suzuki and Trevor Zegras means that we should be seeing a lot more of them shortly!

We are excited get our hands on a few of these and check them out further.  If they're anything at all like the Vapor ADV, there's no doubt these are going to be a hit at the NHL level, even if the average buyer might prefer to spend their money on something with a bit more weight to it for peace of mind when it comes to durability... rumoured retail price point: $369.99USD.

Thanks to Reddit user u/eastsidehockey for the pics!



We've started to have a few pro stock Bauer twigs trickle in with code HO22007 recently, and a our suspicions were quickly confirmed by some of our equipment manager friends (along with a trip to the scale to check the weight) - this is the code for the new Bauer AG5NT build.
The past few seasons Bauer has used mostly straightforward codes on their sticks, which makes our lives a lot easier when identifying sticks. This year however, the HO22007 code is preferred to simply AG5NT - at least for now. This is likely because Bauer wanted to get these sticks into pro hands for testing without it immediately being obvious what the sticks were. Each of these twigs are dressed as Hyperlites, and we started to see this code a few months back, before much was known about the AG5NT's release.
What exactly does HO22007 code stand for? Our best guess is HO22 stands for a holiday season '22 release date, and 007 is an homage to one of the most famous agents ever: Bond, James Bond. Maybe with an AG5NT stick, you'll be able to Shoot to Kill.


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  • Just got my hands on the stick today and can say it is by far the lightest stick on the market and feels super whippy with applying little pressure.

    Jack Sullivan

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