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Coupon / Discount Codes On Hockey Sticks

At HockeyStickMan.com we strive to offer the best rates on high performance brand name hockey sticks and in return we get lots of return customers and it is simply word of mouth that grows our business. 

We rarely offers any coupon codes or discounts of any kind over and above our posted prices, and when we do the max that we can give is 10% off.  People often ask if we have any coupon codes and the answer has always been no, until today! 

For a limited time we are offering a discount code of 10% off! 

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  • I bought a lot of Refurbished sticks and its gold.

    Gabriel Vilandré
  • I have had 3 sticks repaired so far, awesome job the flex feels the same as factory and the repair has never failed! keep up the good work!

    Mark B
  • I have purchased many sticks from this website. The vast majority of them have been pro stock sticks and I have nothing but good things to say about them. This past order I decided to try a refurbished stick. I bought it not expecting much and I thought that it would break easily and feel weird. I was pleasantly surprised and this was not the case. My stick had a life just as long as the ones I purchase for full price at hockey life and I honestly could not tell whatsoever that it had been refurbished. 10/10 would recommend and I am just about to go buy another one! Thanks so much hockeystickman!

    Ben Langille

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