Spring Pro Stock Stick Sale



Hundreds of Pro Sticks available!

A few include: 

Andrew Shaw Ribcor-$105 
Andrew Shaw 40K-$125
PK Subban Reckoner-$135
Linden Vey Reckoner-$135
Pat Kaleta 40K-$125
David Jones 40K-$125
C. Conacher Tacks-$125
G. Reinhart Tacks-$125
Biega Ultra Tacks-$135
Bo Horvat RBZ-$90

 For other's email:

April 23 - It's that time of year again!  HockeyStickMan has sourced a large stock of Pro Stock Hockey Sticks over the past few weeks from various Pro, College and Major Junior teams and we want to start moving them! 

Not only are we making them available to customers for less than half the suggested retail rate, but now you can get an additional $25 off plus FREE SHIPPING!

Use the coupon code: springprosale for $25 off each stick. 

Our philosophy remains simple: buy up large quantities of pro sticks, minimize operating costs, no marketing or advertising and our group of loyal followers will clear them all out. 


Available Sticks include: CCM Ribcor Reckoner, CCM Ultra Tacks, CCM SpeedBurner, Warrior Dynasty HD1, Warrior Covert QR Pro, Warrior Covert QR1, and many more...  

Note: free shipping is only when you buy two or more ($250+)   

Joey Walsh
Joey Walsh


I have worked with Hockey Canada, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and Brock University. But now I'm all about hockey sticks. A passion and love for sticks as a child has blossomed into a full on obsession as an adult (if you can call me that).

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