COLT Hockey Stick - Buy now or wait?


I have had my COLT for about 4 months now and it is going strong! It still remains in good shape with lots of POP, which is unusual for a stick that I’ve used that long. And……not to brag but I’ve tickled the twine a time or two with it as well.

To say that there has been a lot of interest in the stick would be an understatement! Many have already purchased one, but there are also a lot of people waiting on it. Most people have never purchased a hockey stick without having held it in their hands, so it’s understandable to want to wait until you get that chance.  So the question we are asking is do we wait or do we trust them and buy one site unseen?

In order to help make an informed decision I went and visited Integran Tech. in Toronto where the sticks are made. You can go there to see the stick and buy, but unfortunately you can’t get a tour of the facility to see how it’s made (yet!). But……….because I’m blogging about it I was able to go and see their operation. It was pretty cool and while I was there I was able to get a lot of information out of their engineers, here is what you really need to know;

- It costs a lot to make! As you would probably assume manufacturing top end sticks of this nature in Canada is gonna cost you coin. And of course after their done doing that they need to coat it with the Nano-Nickel material.

- They have had very few returned under warranty! It’s not really unbreakable, but with thousands out on the market and only a handful that have come back, you know this thing is holding up.

- Right now the price point is as low as it will get! Unless they end up going the retail route I wouldn’t expect a crazy jump in price, but I do think it is going to rise closer to the $300 mark.

So buy now or wait?

Buy! Right now you’re basically able to get it at wholesale costs and they have them in stock (you can get it within two days as opposed to waiting 6 weeks like earlier in the year)!

In addition they are offering each of you a limited time offer by entering the Colt Coupon Code: hockeystickman for additional savings. 

Any questions or concerns with any of this? Post below or feel free to contact me directly to discuss. 

Visit the COLT Hockey Site

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