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Wayne and Phyllis Gretzky
My favourite hockey video of all time is the 1990 documentary Wayne Gretzky Above and Beyond.  In the film the Great One acknowledges Walter (father) for all that he has done, but pointed out his true admiration for his mother, recognizing all the commitments that she had to furthering his career.  

As we grow older we begin to understand the true sacrifice that our mom’s make.  It’s much more than just the cost of registration and driving you to  games.  It’s having to get the whole family out of bed for early morning practises (with 3 younger brothers and sisters and dad working shiftwork this just about did it for my mom), it’s about spending weekends away in some crummy motel in the middle of no-where, and it’s about not being able to go on vacation, or buy something for the house because extra income is all going towards hockey and hockey related activity.     

I’m sure that most of you can relate…..

The HockeyStickMan Christmas gift to my customers (especially younger) is an insight into this perspective:

 “Score a goal, play hard, and thank dad, but really acknowledge mom! Make it personable, make it real, and make it count, and you my friend might just have made it all worth her while!” 
She knows how much money you have and doesn’t want you to go out and spend it all on her, so if you want to impress consider some of these ideas: 
Make it personalized 
o  A picture of you and her in a hockey frame
o  Write her a letter of thanks
o  Think of a comment that she has made throughout the year, get her something that will show her you 
listen and/or perhaps play up an inside joke

Anything that can make her part of the team? 

o  T-Shirt, Sweater, or coffee mug with the team logo on it        

Consider something for the rink or travel (to show your thinking of her)

o  Mitts/Scarf
o  Warm bums or blanket 
o  Gift Card to a local coffee shop 
o  Book or magazine subscription 
o  CD or I-tunes for her favourite band

Let Stompin’ Tom take it away ……

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