Introducing Clearance Priced Hockey Sticks

HockeyStickMan is proud to announce the HOCKEY STICK CLEARANCE SECTION 

Our site is designed as one big "everyday sale" but sometimes we are able to source good deals on large quantities and sell them off quickly at crazy low rates (not to mention we need a way of rotating our inventory).

Every stick that we have in stock at one point was selling for $250+, our clearance section offers sticks at 50-70% off the MSRP, here is how the clearance section works; 

1. Listing the "Classics"

Offering many of the older model sticks that you fell in love with but can't find anywhere else: 

Reebok Ribcor         |        Reebok A.i.9         |         Reebok 20K         |      Reebok 11K

CCM CCM U+ CL     |        CCM RBZ              |         CCM RBZ Stage 2

Easton RS2               |        Easton V9             |         Easton Synergy Elite 

2. Discount and Tiered Pricing 

In 2016 we brought in a lot of the following, therefore they have all been discounted to move.  Some patterns, in particularly custom / heel curves are priced even lower as an added incentive for people to buy; 

CCM Ribcor 40K      |        CCM Tacks            |          CCM RBZ SuperFast

Warrior QR Pro        |        Warrior DT1LT       

* Tiered pricing refers to the ability to get $20 more off the stick when you purchase a heel / custom curve pattern. 

3. Two / Three Packs 

When we have a lot of one particular item we package them up in 2 and 3 packs and sell them for cheaper.  You pay the same amount in shipping so you might as well take advantage; 

2 and 3 Packs 

4. Mystery Sticks 

Want a good stick but don't want to spend any more than $100 bucks.  The HockeyStickMan has you covered.  Our blade pattern classification system allows you to choose the type of curve and flex you want and we send you out a top of the line model stick in those specs, and 90% of the time you will get a stick that is more $$$; 

Mystery Sticks

5. Goalie Sticks 

Simply put, we buy everything, which often includes dozens of packages of goalie sticks.  All tendy twigs we bring in are pretty much clearance priced all the time, many of the sticks listed price is exactly what we paid for them; 

Goalie Sticks 

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